Mrs. Hart - Shark Attack

•Information piece about the three types of unprovoked shark attacks. Entitled ‘Why Sharks Attack’
•Persuasive piece about why you think sharks should be protected or indeed why not! Entitled ‘Sharks – Persuasive Essay’
•Discursive about both points of view on the following topic, entitled…“Do Sharks Deserve their reputation as killers?”

Christmas Traditions

Bet You Didn't Know! Christmas Traditions video

27 Winter Holiday Traditions

Father Christmas isn't the only festive character, look at these other options from around the world:

Iceland - Jólakötturinn (Yule Cat), Gryla and Yule Lads (Jólasveinar)

Sweden - The Gävle Goat

Germany - Krampus and Belsnickel

Spain - Tio de Nadal, Caganer and Olentzero

Netherlands - Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

Wales -  Mari Lwyd

Russia - Ded Moroz

Italy -  La Befana

Greece - Kallikantzaroi

Latvia -  Mummers