Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about a kid called Greg who writes a diary ever day about his every day life, his family and all the stuff that he does.
I think that the book is really good and I would recommend it.

By Raving Rabbit

This book Is about a boy who writes his own diary and tells the people who read it all about it his life he has a mum,dad,brother (Rodrick) and 2 friends (Rowley,Fregley).

It is the best book I have EVER read it is amazing I would recommend this to everyone that likes to laugh.it is soooooo funny.5 stars!! :)
By :tadpole

My book is about a boy called Greg who gets bullied by his big brother called Rodrick . He also has a little brother called Mannie who is very naughty. I think it it is really funny.
By hinklebert humperdink

My book is about this boy who gets bullied by his brother and he thinks he is so cool. I think this book is really good because it is funny but that is my opinion. He has got another brother and he is 2 years old but he called GREG a ploopy that must be a bad word for his age. 
By spider pig

Diary of a wimpy kid is about a boy who lives with his dad, mum, and 2 brothers. He doesn’t have many friends and the friends that he does have are not exactly like him, they are much weirder. His brother Roderick is a trouble maker and is in a band.  Greg is in middle school and he is trying to get popular. He tries wrestling, drama, athletics etc. Then he entered the comic strip for the school newspaper and he got in but the teacher basically ruined his comic strip. So he quit that and tried for the safety patrol and Rowley (his best friend) got the job. They got hot chocolate every morning and took the kindergarteners home. But one day Rowley was off and Greg scared the kindergarteners and blamed it on Rowley and Rowley got token off and then they really found out it was Greg and he got token off. They then fell out with each other and had a fight. Then Rowley eat mouldy cheese and they became friends again…  I recommend this book to anyone who reads this.
By spider women

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