Horrid Henry’s Nits by Francesca Simon

Title: Horrid Henry’s Nits

Author: Francesca Simon

Blurb: Horrid Henry’s Nits is a book about a boy called Henry who is very horrible. When he gets nits, their hair gets combed by the school nurse but just before she comes, horrid Henry flicks all his nits into the other children’s hair!

What we think about the book:
They all get letters home to say they have got nits and Henry doesn’t because he is the only person in the class without nits! By Cookie Monster

I really enjoyed this book but I think it is more suitable for children in primary school. By fozzy bear

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  1. Hello

    You have a book which is informative to the people that will have lessons to learn about nits but
    thankfully seem to disappear by with a lice treatment.