Diary of a Chav: Tiaras vs. Trainers by Grace Dent

The diary of a chav was a book I really enjoyed as it is a very girly teenage book. It is about a teenage girl called Shiz who is fifteen years old and is struggling through a typical teenage life. Her best friend Carrie is a very pretty and wealthy girl who gets all the boys and inside shiz is a bit jealous of her best friend and this book is the first of three diaries and this one is my favourite because you really get to know Shiz. She is also struggling to be successful in school and gets in trouble a lot but will prove her self in the next book!! :) This is called the diary of a chav because her school “mayflower academy” has been branded by the local paper “super chav academy” because of the bad GCSE results and the gold hoops that flow around each pupil so do you think Shiz will get there in the end and prove she is not a chav….?? :)

By dorito :)

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