Exam Study Help

Study Methods

JYHS offers a wide range of support including Twilight classes, Easter School and extended library hours in the run up to exams. Keep an eye out in school for information or on the school website.

Don’t forget to ask your teachers if you don’t understand stuff – they are your best source of information.

What Type of Learner Are You?
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The Best (and Worst) Study Habits

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Dealing with Exam Stress and Anxiety 

Don’t forget that you can talk to your teachers or PSE about any issues.

The JYHS library has a range of resources in the Shelf Help section that could help.

Remember to relax and de-stress you could spend a bit of time colouring in this helping study tips colour page by Revise or Die.

Places to get support:
Young Minds

Useful Websites and Apps SQA 

The SQA have range of information and resources to help you – check out the Past Papers, Study Guides and Exam Tools (including MyStudyPlan app) on their website – you can import your exam schedule and use it to generate a personal study plan

BBC Bitesize have learner guides for many subjects at National 5 and Higher level.

Spark Notes  has study guides for a range of subjects including topics are diverse as philosophy, psychology, biology, literature and physics. Although not tailored to the Scottish Exams they can be useful when trying to understand a topic.

SCHOLAR is a learning resource developed in conjunction with Heriot-Watt University. You can use it to help with homework, as an additional study aid, or to help with understanding of any areas of your coursework you may be struggling with.