Bibliography Tools

 To just gather information from online source together and to record the source you can you use:

Evernote -

Free to sign up for and the web based version is available in school.

 Or you could make use of

Pinterest - 

This social media tool allows you to create any number of pinboard collections of images from the inetrent or uploaded from your computer. (You no longer need an ivitation just sign up with your email, Facebook or Twitter account)


If you want it to create a bibilography there are 4 things you need the software to do:
  • import references from a number of difference sources (eg websites, library catalogues, bibliographic databases etc)
  • manage and/or edit the references once they’re in the system, and add manually any references that you cannot find online
  • export references into the document that you’re writing, either as a single bibliography, or individually, often called “cite while you write” which generates a list of references.
  • format the bibliography according the referencing style of your choice, and re-format if/when necessary
Zotero –
Zotero is an open source product that is a plug in for Mozilla Firefox. Here is a quick how-to:

Zotero is free, but you can get extra storage space and more flexibility for a monthly subscription if you need it.

Mendeley –
This is a download that you install on your computer. There is a free version but more features and increased storage are available if you chose to subscribe.
 There’s an introduction video available from the home page and plenty other help.


Unlike the others this doesn't let you cite as you write but it will produce a bibilography for you in whatever style you require.
It lets you add a button to your browser so it's easy to gather references and you can choose to share these or not.

Other options available include:

BibMe -

EasyBib -

NoodleTools -

Son of Citation Machine -

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