May the 4th be with you

Are people who love Star Wars weird? Erso no! Yoda best if you love Star Wars. I cantina believe not everyone feels the same. Why Anakin’t we just all agree that it offers many great lessons.

Luke-ing at my life through the lens of Star Wars I can C3P0 many ways it has influenced me. I just can’t Leia it alone, I know you might think I’m a bit of a Windu bag for going on about it but Star Wars is a Rey of sunshine in my life. I’ve loved it since birth and I’m not gonna Bail on it now.

It would be a Grievous error to go a Kylo-ng time without watching at least the original trilogy. The new movies are K2 exciting, Sidious-ly it’s become as much a part of my winter season as Christmas. Rogue One did leave me with heart Palpantine-ations but that ending really Lando-ed well. I can’t Sith an end to the current production either which is BB-8 news.

Everything is better with Star Wars even food Andor drink can be made Star Wars themed. Even if you are a Poe student you can make pool noodle lightsabers. They are a tauntaun of fun, Hans down the most fun you can have with a pool noodle and some duct tape. Then you can go down in a Baze of lightsabre glory.

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