Thank You!

Another year is drawing to a close and another batch of amazing young people are heading off to pastures new. So it's time for me to say a massive thanks to the library monitors who give up their free time to help make JYHS Library almost as fabulous as Steven.

As our Head Monitor once said 
"Everyone's experience in this library is uniquely different. Each and everyone of us come in here not as pupils or as friends, but as a collective. An exclusive club to only those brave enough to pick up a pen and fill out the form."

Thanks for being brave enough!

JYHS Library Annual Sponsored Readathon

30 pupils joined Mrs.Wilson in the Library for the 2nd Annual Readathon. 
Over the course of 12 hours they read 114 books.
So far nearly £200 has been raised for the school library and that number is set to grow as sponsorship money is collected. 
 Many thanks to all the pupils for taking part and the Senior Leadership Team who supported the event and stayed on in school until after 8pm to allow us to run it.

LGBTQ* resources online

It's not just books in the library that can help LGBTQ* pupils and their supporters (remember to look for the rainbow on the spine). All of these sites offer support and information about LGBTQ*.

Equality Network
A national charity working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights in Scotland.

Scottish Trans Alliance
An Equality Network project to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Scotland.

Gender Identity Research and Education Society.

UK Trans Info
A national charity focused on improving the lives of trans and non-binary people in the UK.

Provides sexual health and wellbeing services for trans* people, their partners and friends.

Terrence Higgins Trust
Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland is part of the UK’s largest and leading HIV and sexual health charity.

Beyond the Binary
An online magazine for UK Non-Binary People.

Sexual Orientation for the Genderqueer Person
One of many helpful articles from blogger, activist, educator and artist Sam Killermann on 'it's pronounced Metrosexual'.

Gender Queer and Non-Binary Identities
Information, and resources for genderqueer, non-binary, questioning, and gender non-conforming people and their allies.

The Body Is Not An Apology
Radical self love for everybody and every body.

UK LGBTQ* charity. They also produce education resources.

Gender Wiki: Neutrois
Article on Gender Wiki about Neutrosis (a non-binary gender identity).

A curated list of resources and other websites relevant to those who identify as Neutrosis or want to learn more.

Androgyne Online
A curated online resource for those who identify as androgynous or want to know more.

Transitioning While Non-BinaryExcellent article by West Anderson on The Body Is Not an Apology.

This list was provided by Luca Fois, a student at University of Strathclyde MSc Library and Information Studies, is looking into LGBTQ* materials availability in Scottish high school libraries.

Harry Potter Day

For one day only JYHS Library was taken over by Hogwarts for a magical Harry Potter themed day. 37 pupils joined Mrs.Wilson for the day which included a sorting ceremony, potions class, dueling, butterbeer, creating a patronus, divination and quidditch.
As usual cosplay was a big part of the fun with Ron, Harry, Hedwig, Newt and many more joining us for the day.

Thanks to the pupils and staff who helped make the day such a success - role on SciFi Con next year!

May the 4th be with you

Are people who love Star Wars weird? Erso no! Yoda best if you love Star Wars. I cantina believe not everyone feels the same. Why Anakin’t we just all agree that it offers many great lessons.

Luke-ing at my life through the lens of Star Wars I can C3P0 many ways it has influenced me. I just can’t Leia it alone, I know you might think I’m a bit of a Windu bag for going on about it but Star Wars is a Rey of sunshine in my life. I’ve loved it since birth and I’m not gonna Bail on it now.

It would be a Grievous error to go a Kylo-ng time without watching at least the original trilogy. The new movies are K2 exciting, Sidious-ly it’s become as much a part of my winter season as Christmas. Rogue One did leave me with heart Palpantine-ations but that ending really Lando-ed well. I can’t Sith an end to the current production either which is BB-8 news.

Everything is better with Star Wars even food Andor drink can be made Star Wars themed. Even if you are a Poe student you can make pool noodle lightsabers. They are a tauntaun of fun, Hans down the most fun you can have with a pool noodle and some duct tape. Then you can go down in a Baze of lightsabre glory.

Comics for Gamers

Up to Four Players - a webcomic about Tabletop Gamers.

Awkward Zombie  and webcomics - both poke fun at the more ridiculous elements for your favourite video games.

A Tale of Two Rulers by Lorraine (@figmentforms) is a webcomic based on the Legend of Zelda.

Want more free comics? Sign up for Comics Plus Library Edition! Just ask Mrs. Wilson for your library user ID number.

Mr.Holt's S3 Sugar Tax Links

Aim: to get a better understanding of the effects of sugar, and the reasons for and against a tax on it.

Outcome: to have 5 or 6 points and quotations about the health effects of sugar and reasons for and against a sugar tax.

How Mexico Took on the Soda Giants - The Guardian

Why is Sugar so Addictive - BBC 

Sugar Free Check App

Sugar Tax Would Work - BBC

Sugar Health Threat Underestimated - The Guardian  

Jamie Oliver Calls for 20% Sugar Tax on Fizzy Drinks - City AM

Sugar Tax Debate - City AM