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Batgirl: Vol.1 The Darkest Reflection by Gail Simone ***

This particular book collects the first few issues of the relaunched Batgirl for the 'All New 52' and was originally published in 2011. It reads well as a stand alone volume and the six comics link nicely together. The stories and characters are enjoyable to read and the alternative art work is interesting to look through. You don't need to know the lore of the comics to read the new 52 (and I have to say I've found it more of a hindrance when you have preconceived ideas about the characters) so it's a good place to start into the DC universe.

Three stars is probably harsh for this collection - it's probably really a four but while I enjoyed the writing and artistry, I was disappointed by the a younger, able bodied Barbara Gordon (though the repercussions after being wheelchair bound is a addressed in every issue). Not that this young incarnation wasn't an interesting character in her own right, just that she isn't as interesting to me as the she was as the wheel-chair bound, older, Oracle/Barbara Gordon before the reboot.

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