Molly, Heather and Aimee have been reading...

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne **** 
"It is quite a sad story but it's an amazing storyline." - Molly
"It is a bit emotional and sad." - Aimee
"I think it was quite emotional and it was very deep."- Heather

Dead Romantic by C J Skuse 
"It was good but it was a wee bit inappropriate like at the end but it was good. 3/5" - Molly
"I think it was a great book. I don't think it is appropriate for people under 11 it has some rude parts but overall it was great. 4/5" - Heather

Extraordinary Dogs by Elizabeth Wilhide *****
"It was heart warming to see all the dogs helping their owners and helping the world." - Molly

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