Fairy Tale Reads

Inspired to read some Fairy Tales?

If you fancy just a quick look into the bits Disney missed out have a read of this article over on the Scottish Book trust.

Want to take it further?
You can find free e-book versions of the original tales on Project Gutenberg:

German - Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm
(Includes Little Red  Cap (aka Riding Hood), Rumpelstiltskin and Hansel and Gretel among others)

Danish - Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen by H. C. Andersen
(Includes Emperor's New Suit, Little Mermaid and the Ugly Ducking plus more)

French - The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault by Charles Perrault
(Includes Cinderella, Little Red Ridding Hood and Sleeping Beauty plus other stories)

Arabic - The Arabian Nights Entertainments by Andrew Lang
(Also known as One Thousand and One Nights this collection of stories includes Aladdin and Sinbad the Sailor)

Fancy looking at the Pied Piper of Hamelin for yourself?
Have a read of the Brothers Grimm story here
and have a read of the is article from the Independent which offers a possible explaination for the story.

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