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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky ****
This book is about a boy who just watches life around him pass, and seems to find it quite hard to be 'normal'. He is very thoughtful, introverted and lets things happen to him, but we won't know why for a very long time. I loved this book. Charlie was a character that I could understand and enjoyed following his thoughts. I love how everything makes sense in the end, but before that, his life is still so interesting. The only downside is that I didn't find it overly thought provoking.

Treasure Island by R.L.Stevenson ***
The story is of a boy who finds a treasure map and goes out to find it. It is well known classic, yet I felt it lacked in some sense. For the genre it is, I felt it lacked an exciting story, which was there in a way, but I would have liked more adventure.

Looking for Alaska by John Green
This book is about a boy who meets a girl, but finds out he might not have known who she really was/is and tries to figure out this girl. I felt as though the storyline was a bit boring. Also, I can't seem to enjoy any of John Green's books as his style of writing doesn't work for me. The way thoughts and feelings are portrayed make them hard for me to relate/empathise with them. I kind of liked the ideas of the book, however.

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