Cheats Guide to Summer Reading Challenge

A few people have commented to me that 25 challenges sounds like a lot so I thought I should post a wee 'cheats guide' to help you out (yes I fully intend to do it this way!)

Firstly - you don't need to read 25 books.

Secondly - multiple challenges can be ticked off by the same book.

For example I intend to read:

Guy Martin: My Autobiography 
I can count this as:
'That's about a real person'
'That is about being brave'
'About your favourite sport' 
'Whose main character is about my age'
'That is non-fiction'
and if I read it 'with a flashlight under the stars' I can tick that off as well.

Paddington by Michael Bond
I can count this as:
'That was written more than 20 years ago'
'That you've read before and loved'
'That is part of a series'
'That has been made into a movie'
'That takes place in your favourite city'
'That your mom or dad liked a  child'
and if I read it 'with a favourite toy' job done.

Please don't think of this as having to read loads unless you want to.

Don't forget to snap a pic of yourself having a read for one of the challenges. 

If you'd like to share what you read a what you counted it for that would be great as I can share it via the blog but you don't have to.

Mrs. Wilson

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