Comic Con Guests

We have two more special guests coming to Comic Con -

Jessica Byrne is an illustrator whose work has appeared in the novel, Darker Shadows and the horror comic anthology, The Shadow Collection. She has submitted guest strips to the webcomic, Two Guys and Guy and writes and illustrates her own webcomic, The God Stone.

James McCulloch is the writer of the horror comic, City of Lost Souls, editor of the horror anthology, The Grime, a film review for GoGuide and has his own film blog called grandmasterwookisfantabulousfilmblog. He also sings and plays bass for the bands Bat Country Massacre and the Black Lights.

Top Ten Reads for Newbery Award

Gone by Michael Grant

"It isn't until the world collapses around you that you find out what kind of person you really are."  Looking for something exciting to read over the summer holidays? Check out the "Gone" series.

GONEReview of Gone: In a town in southern California suddenly all the people over the age of 15 disappear and the town gets sealed off from the rest of the world. The town falls into disarray so it is up to our hero Sam to restore order to the town but fear starts to spread when some of the survivors get powers.
I think everyone should read this book because it is loads of fun to read and it has got lots of action and some very good characters.
By heat man 06    

Review of the series: The Gone series is by author Michael Grant. It is about a small town where all the adults have vanished and the kids are trapped in a small town. Every kid under 15 stays in a dome. The kids must learn how to survive. Eventually other kids come and a battle starts. The books in the series are: “Gone”, which is about kids getting used to the new world; “Hunger”, which is about the kids starving; “Lies” which is about a psychopath who died in a fire, but is back for revenge;” Plague” which is about a disease inside the Dome, which the kids must fight off; “Fear” about a monster that has been hiding in the cage out to kill every last kid; and “Light” which is about Sam the main character fighting off the monster and Drake. Everyone should read this series because it is an award winning series and some of the best books I have ever read.
By Pedro13 

 Check out the book trailer and more information about the Gone series on the Michael Grant website. If you enjoyed 'Gone', then you should  read the next books in the series: "Hunger", "Lies", "Plague", "Fear" and "Light".

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Cheats Guide to Summer Reading Challenge

A few people have commented to me that 25 challenges sounds like a lot so I thought I should post a wee 'cheats guide' to help you out (yes I fully intend to do it this way!)

Firstly - you don't need to read 25 books.

Secondly - multiple challenges can be ticked off by the same book.

For example I intend to read:

Guy Martin: My Autobiography 
I can count this as:
'That's about a real person'
'That is about being brave'
'About your favourite sport' 
'Whose main character is about my age'
'That is non-fiction'
and if I read it 'with a flashlight under the stars' I can tick that off as well.

Paddington by Michael Bond
I can count this as:
'That was written more than 20 years ago'
'That you've read before and loved'
'That is part of a series'
'That has been made into a movie'
'That takes place in your favourite city'
'That your mom or dad liked a  child'
and if I read it 'with a favourite toy' job done.

Please don't think of this as having to read loads unless you want to.

Don't forget to snap a pic of yourself having a read for one of the challenges. 

If you'd like to share what you read a what you counted it for that would be great as I can share it via the blog but you don't have to.

Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Kerr's been reading...

The Charmer by Mandasue Heller  ****
A rags to riches story. Maria is born in poverty to a loving, single mum. Her fortunes change when she is 21. Her mum is dead, she falls in love with Joel, but is he all he seems? The book takes us to the seedyside of the drugs world.

The Know by Martina Cole **
The Know is about prostitution and takes us into the dark underground world of child prostitution. I didn't enjoy this book as it was too graphic for my taste.

Last to Die by James Grippando *****
Murdered Sally Fenning had hired her own hit man and leaves her 46 million dollar fortune to six would be beneficiaries. The catch is that only one would get the cash. The last one to die. An excellent read.

Honeymoon 2 by James Patterson *****
Two serial killers - one is targeting honeymooners, the other killing men called John O'Hara. At first the book is a bit confusing but stick with it as when it comes together it is compelling.

The Search by Nora Roberts *****
Fiona has escaped from the clutches of a serial killer once before can she do it again? Fiona runs a dog training school and also leads a search and rescue team. An added bonus in this book is the dog training tips you get.

The Overlook by Michael Connelly ****
A physicist is threatened with the death of his wife and forced to steal a large amount of a lethal chemical, which could cause thousands of deaths. The physicist is then killed. Police believe terrorists are behind it and the race is on to find them before they let loose the chemicals.

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts *
Psychics, demons, ghosts, heroes, heroines and romance. Utter rubbish, that's a few hours of life wasted.

Unlucky 13 by James Patterson*****
The four women who make up the murder club have their work cut out in this book. It is set on a cruise ship and has all the elements of a real page turner - love, romance, pirates, randsom and of course murder!

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Summer Reading Challenge

Can you manage all 25 reading challenges by the 18th of August?

Read any books the only requirement is you get a photo of yourself reading for one of the challenges.
What's in it for me? Well apart from getting to read books there is of course a prize draw and the photos will be shared on the library blog.

How do I sign up? Just pick up this leaflet and tick off the challenges as you complete them or head over to Modern Parents Messy Kids and print off your own copy.

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

This book is about a boy who is passionate about plumbing, and his cabbage obsessed granny. The boy’s parents are both fanatical about ballroom dancing and send the boy to his granny’s house on a Friday night. One night when the boy is at his granny’s place, a huge secret is revealed but what could this boring woman be hiding? To find this out read the book.
I found this book interesting as it was very random and exiting.

By Chitonkimar