The Dare Game by Jacqueline Wilson

"The Dare Game” is a stunning story. It’s about a girl called Tracy Beaker who stays in a children’s home while her glamorous mum is away modelling. Later Tracy gets a foster mum called Cam.
Throughout the book Tracy doesn't like Cam because she’s not fashionable - she wants her real mum, not a foster mum. Tracy does really badly at school and decides to run away.
Tracy finds an old abandoned house and meets Alexander who makes lots of stuff out cardboard and is very shy. Later on she finds a boy called Football in the street. Before they know it, they are playing a dare game in the abandoned house.............THEY ARE TAKING RISKS WITH THEIR LIVES!!! Later on she finally gets her mum back  but is it really what she wants?

 If I were you, I would grab this book. I DARE YOU!!!!

By  animal girl 2000

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