Mrs. Esplin's been reading...

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler (enjoyed this,  Girl goes to visit her Grandparents and when she returns her sister is missing.  Very original twist in this book, thought provoking too).

​Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn (tension mounts and mounts throughout the book, ending totally unbelievable in my opinion, have not seen the film).

Wild - Cheryl Strayed  (autobiography of a woman who goes on the Pacific Crest trail in America to find herself in the mid 90s, I did go to see the film first.  Very interesting and well written account of a life in freefall before she finds herself while walking the trail)

The Woman in the Fifth - Douglas Kennedy (like both the books I have read of his.  This one is set in Paris and has a twist too)

The Boy Who never Was - Karen Perry  (Set in Tunisia and Dublin about a boy presumed dead in an earthquake in Tunisia and the guilt his father feels as he is out when the earthquake occurs.  Good study of parental guilt)

The Hive - Gill Hornby (Interesting study of a group of Primary school mothers on the PTA and their bitching and power struggles)

Animal Dreams - Terry Quinn (lovely illustrations and text)

To Love and To Cherish - Lyn Andrews (rubbish lovey dovey stuff set around the time of the Wall Street crash in 1929 my sister gave me, not recommended unless you like Mills and Boon.  Unfortunately when I start a book I feel obliged to go on until I finish).

Depths - Henning Mankell and The Ice Princess - Camilla Lacksberg (both these books are Swedish noir.  The first set at the start of WW1.  The second is set in the present day.  I like the feeling of isolation and space that pervades both these novels.)

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