Mrs. Benson's been reading...

Diary of an Ordinary Woman by Margaret Forester. I'd give this 3 stars. It was a very interesting story about the life of an unusual woman and her family from the 1st World War right up to modern times. She'd written her diary over 94 years. Although very interesting I was disappointed when the story just stopped when she became unable to write. Ends weren't tied up or answers given in the way an author might have done in an novel.

I don't know what to award The Dark Road by Ma Jian. It is an extremely interesting  story about a peasant family in China who are trying to escape the powers of the One Child Policy Police. I suspect much of what is written is true so it is a shocking tale and some of the imagery it conjures up is gruesome and disgusting. The author's books are permanently  banned  in China.

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