Six Steps to a Girl by Sophie McKenzie

Feel like some romance this week? Why not try "Six Steps to a Girl"?  
This book is romantic and a bit of an action book. It is aimed at young teenagers -  probably most likely girls. It is about a young man named Luke who firsts spots Eve at his dad’s funeral. He thinks she is beautiful and is the only distraction from his family issues due to his dad’s death. The only thing is that is stopping him is that she has a boyfriend. Luke doesn’t give up though. He meets another young man named Ryan at a party. Ryan tells Luke how to get to Eve (the girl he saw at his dad’s funeral). It takes Luke time but he soon gets through to Eve. They become closer and closer friends but when Luke meets Eve’s boyfriend it ends up with Luke in hospital. He starts to wonder if it’s worth it, but in the end it is...
I just couldn't put this book down - after the first page you get hooked. It’s always left on a cliff hanger, leaving you unaware of what will happen next. It’s a wonderful story and I think any teenager would love this book.  
By Eve 1

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