Ms Dewar's been reading...

1. The Children Act – Ian McEwen ****
Fiona Mayes is a High Court judge, asked to rule on whether a 17 year old, a Jehovah’s Witness, should get life-saving treatment with blood products against his will. The consequences of her judgement are traced against her personal history and the difficulties in her marriage. Ian McEwen’s books seem slight & straightforward, but behind the simple, weightless writing is a serious reflection on relationships, religion & moral responsibility.

2. Like Agatha Christie if she had a sense of fun, well plotted, well drawn characters, well realised historical settings and a well-heeled lady detective with a lovely turn of phrase. I read three in three days and was delighted to find there are 10 in the series already.

Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains- Catriona McPherson ****
 Murders upstairs and down in Edinburgh’s New Town

Dandy Gilver and an Inconvenient Day for a Murder Catriona McPherson ***
Close family relations lead to tragedy in the Aitken’s Haberdashery

Dandy Gilver and a Deadly Measure of Brimstone Catriona McPherson *** 
Spirits are disturbed in a sulphurous Borde​rs spa.

3. Moriarty - Anthony Horowitz ***
Nothing compares to the real Sherlock who is absent, presumed drowned, throughout the action of this story. However as Holmes tributes , parodies and knock-offs go, this is well done – Horowitz captures something of the atmosphere of the real Holmes and the plot has a satisfying twist.

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