Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

The book is part of the hush hush sequence... “Tell Patch I want a word with him,” the man called after me. “Tell him if he doesn't come out of hiding, ill smoke him out.I’ll burn down the whole of Delphic Amusement Park if that’s what it takes.” I glanced over my shoulder warily. I didn’t know what Patch had got himself mixed in, but I had an uncomfortable feeling swelling in my stomach. Whoever this man was... he meant business.... When I read the book and I had to stop it was always at a good bit, I thought I wouldn’t like it but I did. I do want to get the other book that she has done because it a really cool book and I would love to meet Becca myself. I love her book and I hope I get the full 'Hush, Hush' sequence and read the first one to the end so I'll get to know the story more. There are another 3 books (hush,hush), (crescendo), (silence) that's the ones I need to get and my friend told me the other books are really good. I’m not one of those people who loves reading books but I love reading horror books and crime. By clover

Dr Who - 50th Anniversary

Last chance to see the Dr Who display in the Library. If you enjoyed “The Day of the Doctor”, have a look at the collection of Dr Who books available to borrow from the Library. K9 seems to be making his way through them already…

Bad Company By Cathy Macphail

Everyone should read Bad Company! The book is about a girl called Lissa who is disliked by everyone in her class as her father was sent to jail after joining Magnus Pierce in crime. She hates J.B (that’s what Lissa calls her dad as she is too ashamed to call him “Dad”) as he left her family in stress and in debt. Before J.B went to jail Lissa had loads of friends and was her teacher Mr Murdoch’s favourite. Now Mr Murdoch dislikes her and her friends have left her. Ralph Airds is full of himself and does whatever he can to annoy Lissa. A couple of weeks before Christmas her father J.B is let out of prison, meaning he is coming home. J.B tries to make Lissa love him again but Lissa hates him and wishes he was dead. Dianne Connel ( the new girl) soon becomes good friends with Lissa they battle the world together until Diane leads her into trouble...... Lissa thinks JB has been in contact with Magnus Pierce so she does something which leads her and JB into deep trouble....... Everyone should read it as it is a great book about friendship and loyalty and is put in great detail. Report writen by smilepop