Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

I am writing a review of Percy Jackson and the Sea Of Monsters by Rick Riordan. In at the start of this book Percy and his friends meet Grover in a new school after their last meeting last summer in the Lightning Thief. When they get there they are attacked by cannibals, and later on they face more and more difficult challenges. Crossing the sea of monsters was fascinating. They also return to camp half-blood and find out that Luke has poisoned Thalia’s tree.

I think that people who like action and fascinating, descriptive books should try this because the author describes the characters and the background very well. It can take him a couple of chapters to explain all what happened. I recommend this book for people aged 10-14 as it is interesting but challenging for young ones and simple for older people.

By Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett

It is a young half blood son of Poseidon god of the sea who has a nightmare about his Friend Grover in trouble . So Percy and his friends Tyson and Annabeth have to fight all sort of monsters . 

by Edward Mcghee

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