Library Survey - Do you check your online sources?


2% of you aren't confident using the Internet and girls are slightly more likely to be less confident than boys.

1 in 5 of you often can't find what you want online.

Remember the librarian can help just ask Mrs.Wilson to help show you how to find stuff online or check out the webpage for tips.

62% of you trust most of what you find online.

Less than half of you do any kind of quality check on what you find.

Only 1 in 10 check who wrote a website.

1 in 3 of you check the date of what you are looking at (boys are more likely to to this)

1 in 3 of you double check the information elsewhere (girls are more likely to do this)

1 in 10 of you claim not to go on any new websites.

Want to get better at checking website quality? Become an Internet Detective and don't be fooled by fake websites and misinformation.

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