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Diary of a wimpy kid series by Jeff Kinney

These books are about a boy who is called Greg Heffly. He has just started middle school (high school) the books follow his life to school or on holiday. The books are about Greg in school trying to get a good reputation. Even on holiday Greg tries be cool. The only problem is his friend Rowley. Rowley according to Greg is not cool. (E.g. asking Greg to play with him). Will Greg become the most respected pupil?

You should definitely read this book because it’s amazing. You can relate to some of the things because you’re maybe in high school if your older some of the things in the book may have happened to you when you where in high school. The books are excellent and I really think you should read them.

Code name : Albert III

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This book is funny intresting and it is about a boy and his friend it is their first day at high school and they try to get in the year book. I would recommend it to everyone
By bird 12345

The book is about a young boy starting a new school and making new friends. The book is hilarious. 
by Mr bombastic 

This book is about a young boy at high school trying to make him self more popular. Everyone should read it because it is a very good book and easy to read.
by William wallace!!! 

The book is about an ordinary kid that writes a diary about himself! It’s funny, interesting and joyfull.
Code name: Peter Pan!! :D 

Lee Goes For Gold by Keith Charters

It is about a boy that says to his dad that he wants to go to his dad's work because he does not want to go to school because of his teacher. Everyone should read this book because it is interesting and it has a good plot. I liked the bit at his dad’s conference when he fell over with all of the cake. By Sar Kieth

Nathan's Guide to Manga

The origin of the word "manga" is not well known, but we know it was made popular by the Japanese artist Hokusai Katsushika. He was a famous woodblock print artist in the 1800s and he worked in many different styles; one of them was cartoon style illustrations for story books. He described this style as manga and the name remained.

Most manga are featured as western style comic strips, which mostly feature large-eyed, nymph-like characters, that appear distinctly Japanese to Westerners, and is a medium that uses text and pictures to present a reading experience that in some ways simulates the experiences of watching an animated film.

There are 200 different manga magazines, with each carrying an average of 15 regular serials. Favourite manga serials have included Death Note by Takeshi Obata, Eyeshield 21 illustrated by Yuke Murata and Black jack by Osamu Tezuka.

Some popular manga reads are the Bleach series, Naruto, Dragonball and Dragonball z, One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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