The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

This is a brilliant book filled with adventure. I have not yet finished the book but so far it is amazing. It is the best book I have read, and you should read it because it is always leaving you in suspense. It is about a girl who is chosen to go and play for her district in “The Hunger Games” with twelve other children from different districts. The “Hunger Games” are games where children are chosen by there districts to fight and kill the players from opposing districts to win food for there district. She has to win the games to get back with her family and bring back honour to her district.

By Purple Polar Bear!

Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

This book is about a girl that moved from Pheonix to Forks and went to a new school. When she moved school she fell in love with a boy called Edward who is a vampire. I enjoyed reading this book because it is really good and interesing.
 RFC 12

This book is about girl called Bella that moves to Forks and meets a vampire called Edward who she falls in love with. I really did not like this book as I found it very boring and unrealistic. Normally I like fantasy books but to me this book didnt make a lot of sense. 
By: eroplane4

Double Cross By Malorie Blackman

This book is a romance book, at first I did not know because someone said it was good, so I got it and then started to get into it and then suddenly realised it was a romance. The book was also made by the award winning author of 'Noughts and Crosses'. The book is about a couple who are living quite an extraordinary life, at the beginning a bomb hits a hotel and kills Callie Rose's grandmother (the main character is Callie Rose) every one assumes that a terrorist did it but Callie knows who did it. Her boyfriend Tobey is struggling in school because of gangs in the streets because he’s making money doing drug deliveries. I’ve enjoyed it and I’d recommend it to boys and girls don’t be put off by the romance. By nojoke90

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

The first thing you should know about this book this book is that Malorie Blackman is trying to invert our common things that we think about regarding the discrimination against black people (so she is swapping it around and making it the white people being the victims). This book is about two teens called Callum and Sephy. Callum is a Nought (or a white person) and Sephy is a Cross (this meaning she is black). Even though Callum is poor and white and Sephy is rich (and black) their friendship has blossomed since they were small and Calum's mum worked for Sephy's mum but times have changed since then and Callum's brother and daad have joined a terrorists group fighting against the Crosses power. *********** Spolier Alert *********************** Later on Sephy has come back from boarding school and has not seen Callum for a while but it still in love with him. Unfortunately Calum has joined the terrioist group and is here to capture Sephy for ransom as her father is the Prime Minister. They keep Sephy in a cell and when she finally gets out after escaping she finds out she is pregnant with Callum's baby. Her father suspects that Callum has raped her but it was both of their descisions. Sephy's dad makes her chose between having an abortion or Callum getting hung. After meeting up they both decide Callum will die so their baby can live. ************************************************** I think this book is amazing as it shows that love can excist between two different races, an amazing book. By batmansupernoodle

The suitcase kid by Jacqueline Wilson

I like the suitcase kid because it’s a basic story and an exciting book. It’s a all about a girl who’s parents split up and find other partners for each other because there mum and dad keep arguing. Katie is so upset because she lives with her dad some days and her mum some days and Katie’s dad has another baby to his new girlfriend Katie is jealous she has lots of step brothers and sisters now that her mum has found bob her new step dad and her dad has found his new girlfriend the step brothers and sister are very annoying. Katie has to move out her beautiful cottage she is so sad. Katie doesn’t know what’s going to happen..... by Amellia Cassidy Emerson.

The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harringotn

This fantastic book by the author of Paul Harrington is all about positive thinking and basically how to get what you want in life. This explains how the world is full of cosmic energy and that every thought, every actions attracts things. This explains how you can attract your most wanted desire by your thoughts. This book has helped so many people with their different problems like getting the good grades, a steady boyfriend or even making that one dream come true. People should read this book because after you realise The Secret it will change your thoughts to attract the better stuff and train your brain into positive thinking. So if you wish for wealth, love or success in anything then this is the book for you.

By The intergalactic goldfishes from outer space.

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Holes by Louse Sachar

Holes is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats and how he is wrongly accused for a crime he did not commit and gets the choice between jail and Camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake is a desert in Texas where Stanley has to dig a hole every day in a different spot and if anyone found anything they would get the rest of the day off and a shower. Everyone should read this book because it’s funny and serious and is quite a good book to read and I really enjoyed it.
By Prof Banana

Holes is about a boy called Stanley Yelnats who gets accused for something he hasn’t done and he gets a choice of jail or Camp Green Lake - he goes to Camp Green Lake. There is no lake at Camp Green Lake. The people at the camp are made to dig holes 5 meters deep and 5 meters wide in a different spot every day in the desert in Texas. Why? If the boys find anything interesting they have to return it to the people running the camp. The people running the camp are making the children dig holes so they can sell the interesting stuff and make money of the children’s labour. Everyone should read this book because it pulls you in a make you want to read more adventure books like this. 
By Dr. Apple

The Whisper by Bali Rai

The Whisper is all about gangs and there are rules and if the rules are broken then the game is on. Everyone should read The Whisper because it is a really good book because it is all about gangs and crime stuff that I like. I recommend this book to the people that like the books with crimes and some exciting parts in it. by lochie boy.

Cell by Stephen King

This book is about unlikely characters pulled together in the middle of a virus that is spread by cell phones. The virus turns people into phone crazies that spread sonic booms. The virus is also spread through music from boom boxes. You should read it, it is a horror set in America very violent and a lot of bad language. By scotty2hotty1000

MAXIMUM SECURITY by Robert Muchamore

Maximum security is about two teenagers who get themself in jail delibertery so they can break out another teenager called curtis so they can find his mother because she is a weapons dealer. I thought it was a good book because instead of adults doing all the work. It also had alot of action and it was never boring. By LUCIAN SPENCE

Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

At the request of MI6 Alex becomes a ball boy at Wimbledon. He uncovers that a Chinese gang called Big Circle is fixing matches. He foils the plot but becomes a target of the Chinese gang. He barely survives an attack while surfing near Sabina Pleasure's home. For Alex’s safety MI6 and CIA send Alex on an assignment in Cuba where he meets CIA agents Tom Turner and Belinda Troy. Before they can head off to Cuba Turner must arrest a man known only as 'the salesman'. Turner is discovered and Alex makes his way on board and sets the boat on fire.

You should read this book because it is a suspenseful spy thriller and very good.

By Henny the Squirrel

The Runaway Troll by Matt Haig

The Runaway Troll is about a town of trolls in shadow forest. They don't wash and they get a bath with mud and eels and worms. They only come out at night. The troll son gets kidnapped by the Better. Then Better tortures him by giving troll son a bath with soapy water and washes a jumper with soap. Then he puts it on the troll and the troll gets really itchy and sore and lots of his warts go away. Troll son’s mother gets really woried about him but she knows what she has to do.

By wardjed.

The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

Jason Bourne is found in the water after falling of a boat and losing his memory. He has bullets in him once pulled out and can’t remember why. He goes out to find out who he really is. Facing the dangerous assasin Carlos whilst trying to go undetected by the police.

By Hector Jackson

CHERUB: Mad Dogs by Robert Muchamore

Mad Dogs is about a boy called James and his sister Lauren. They are secret agents. The British is controlled by gangs. When two of them start a huge war, violence erupts onto the streets. The police need information fast and James has the contacts to infiltrate the most dangerous gang of all...

Mad Dogs is a great adventurous book that teenagers/young people will love. Mad Dogs is an adventure/crime book.

By peekok111

Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy

It is about a girl called Cherry who lives in Glasgow but is moving down to Somerset with her Dad. She is meeting her new step family for the first time! When she meets the oldest of the Tanberry sisters she can’t help thinking that Honey dislikes her. Then she meets Shay and can’t help but like him but then she finds out that he is Honey’s boyfriend! Everyone should read this book because it is interesting and a great book to read !!!! by
Cathy Cassidy’s no 1 fan

This book is about a girl who moves to live with her dad and her new step family but not everyone in the family is nice to Cherry. Cherry has a crush on her step sister’s boyfriend Shay but will her step sister let her take Shay away from her or not?... I recommend this book because it is exciting and very addictive. 

By Lilo Stich.

The Dare Game By Jacqueline Wilson

What is it about?
It’s about a girl that’s called Tracy Beaker, She think she will live happily ever after with her foster-mum Cam but it doesn’t turn out the way she tought.

Why should people read it?
People should read this book because it’s very exciting and great to read too!

Code Name: Lilzoo

Birth of a Killer by Darren Shan

It is about a young boy called Larten Crepsly. Who meets a vampire but will he kill him or save him from a horrible death?

- Ninja Squirrel

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

Mikael Blomkvist, A journalist working for the Swedish ‘Millenium’ magazine, manages to commit libel against a corporate giant- Wennerström. He temporarily leaves his job to find work somewhere else. And then the Vangars come in. Henrik Vangar is the CEO of the imaginatively named Vangar Corp., He lost his daughter, Harriet Vanger, when she disappeared in 1967. Ever since then he has been huntung for a killer, but more recently, Harriet herself. If Mikael cannot figure this out, his journalist career will plummet. But there is a solution - Lisabeth Salander

The book is an amazing read. Full of those unexpected turns that make you switch your view of the character's instantly. The ones that were trying to help become dangerously involved and even the ones who don’t end up being the key.

by Armanski

deathnote by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

It is about a 17 year old boy who happens to come across a notebook
with the words “deathnote” on it and whoever’s name is written on it will die.
The boy (Light) can see the god of death (the deathnote belongs to him).

Everyone should read this book because it is a great mystery and a crime book for those who like crime and mystery.

by flipyfloper

One Direction: Dare To Dream

This book is all about One Direction's life. It tells you about their life on X factor and when they were younger!! It also tells you about what their life is like now they are famous.

You should read this book because it is interesting and if you want to know everything about them then this is the book to read!!!!


Jacky Daydream by Jacqueline Wilson

It is about Jacqueline Wilson’s life, it tells you about her childhood and her family her school and toys she played with and other things.

Everyone should read it because it is a really good book and has lots of information about her in it and if you like Jacqueline Wilson it can tell you more about her.

Miss Pineapples and Miss Banana.

Assassins Creed : Brotherhood By Oliver Bowden

Assassin’s Creed- Brotherhood is an action/adventure book about a master assassin, Ezio, trying to defeat the Borgia. It is based on the game of the same name, but you don’t need to play the game to understand it. It is best to read the prequal, Assassin's Creed- Rennaissance first to understand all of Ezio’s past and his goals, but Rennaissance isn't as exciting as Brotherhood.

In Assassin's Creed - Rennaissance, Ezio is put into action against a huge conspiracy after an unfortunate series of events. He sets out to defeat the Knights Templar, he ends up travelling all around Italy in search of their leader, Rodrigo Borgia, Rodrigo killls the pope, which is a bit brutal, and then becomes the new pope. This is bad, because the pope represents God, who represents good, and Rodrigo is pure evil.

Anyway, I wont ruin the end of the first book, but some stuff happens and Cesare Borgia ( Cesare Borgia is real, and he was evil, so it's historically correct) attacks Ezios home, and also the town that his family owns, and from then on Ezio chases after the Borgia.

The plot is much more thick than that, with Ezio being friends with Leonardo da Vinci, who makes Ezio a brace with a blade that springs out, Leonardo is also being forced to work with Cesare, which is also historically correct, and awkward, considering that Cesare is Ezio’s worst enemy. A love life with someone who he thinks might be using him, one of his friends thinking that another friend, Niccolo Machiavelli (also real), is working with the Borgia. He doesnt trust his sister to do things properly and to top it all of, he’s nearly 50!!!

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