The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

The Northern Lights is about an eleven year old girl called Lyra who lives in a parallel world. In that world everybody has a dæmon which is part of your soul but takes the shape of animal forms. Children’s dæmons can change forms while adult’s dæmons settle. In the world there is a particle called Dust and it goes in through your dæmon and runs into you. When Lyra discovers this by sneaking into the theatre room she wants to find out more but then her Uncle and her friend go missing. There is only one explanation in her mind who took them. The Gobblers!!! Things get weird when women called Mrs Coulter turns up on the scene. Lyra decides to head north, to save her uncle and friend.

You should read it because it has action all the way through the book from the start to finish and it has a great cliff hanger at the end.
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