Recommend Reads for Roosters

Pupils recommend the following books for Roosters:

The Toilet of Domm by Miachael Lawrence
Shadow Web by N.M.Browne
Penguin Problems by Kathryn Lamb
Breaker by Annmarie Allan
Can you Hear Me by Penny Kendal
The 7 day Self-Esteem Super Booster by J. Alexander
The Lost Art by Simon Morden
Boffin Boy and the Ice Caves of Pluto by David Orme
Hazel by Julie Hearn
After the Death of Alice Bennet by Roland Maloney
Sugarcoated by Catherine Forde
Henry Tumor by Anthiny McGowan
Huge by Sasha Paley
Red Tears by Joanna Kenrick
Mad Scientists by Gill Arbuthnott
101 Things you wish you'd invented by Tracey Turner
Wildfire by Chris Ryan
Do Goalkeepers wear Tiaras? Helena Plelichaty
I Spy, the Constantinople Caper by Graham Marks
The Medusa Project: The Set-Up by Sophie Mackenzie
Being by Kevin Brooks
Threads by Sophie Bennet
Twin Freaks by Paul Magrs
Careless by Anne Cassidy
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
Pink Chameleon by Fiona Dunbar
Abela by Berlie Doherty
The Devils Breath by David Gilman
Nation by Terry Pratchett
The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch
Hurricane Gold by Charlie Higson
House of Ghosts by Ann Turnbull

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