Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

This novel is about a boy called Tommo and his family. Tommo and one of his brothers go off to war. Everyone should read this because it is a great book to read and it also has a good aspect of World War 1. It is one of my favourite books because it has a really good story to it and it makes you want to read more of Michael Morpurgo’s books.
By Chabablabadingdong

This is a story about two boys, Tommo and Charlie who go to fight in World War 1. They have another brother called big Joe who is unable to go to war due to his problems. This novel is a very interesting book to read and it is exciting. It is a really good book because it has a good storyline.
There are lots of themes in the book including, sadness, love and jealousy. I recommend this book to other people!
By Inkelbert Humperdink

What is it about?
The book is about It is about a soldier called Thomas "Tommo" Peaceful, he is looking back on his life in the trenches of WW1. Every chapter is a different time and it brings us closer to the present day.

Why should people read this book?
I recommend because it is a good adventure book and its very good, it’s good for all ages.

by hesky’da Easter bunny’.

Private Peaceful is a great book and is very interesting you will really enjoy it. It is by Michael Morpurgo and is about Tommo reflecting on his life in WW1.
by BinBag

What is it about? Private Peaceful is a story about three brothers growing up in WW1 and there life throughout their childhood and as they progressed through there teenage years and as Charlie gets Molly (his girlfriend) pregnant. The three brothers were called Charlie, Tommo and Joe. As the war progressed on Charlie and Tommo were forced to sign up to the British Army by the colonel, if they refused to join the colonel was threatening to evict them. When Charlie is fighting out in the battlefield he comes to find in a letter from home saying that Molly is having her baby.
I recommend reading this book if you enjoy stories on war.
by Mr.Ramadam

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