Before I die by Jenny Downham

Before I die is a girly teen book based on a girl with cancer who writes a list of ten ambitious things to do before she dies.Strugeling to cope with avarage day tasks Tessa sneaks out to live the life of sly teens. With drinking clubbing drugs and lots more Tessa finds out the horrifying truth in life. But will Tessa finish the list ? Will she find love along the way?

Before I die is a heart speaking book. I can relate to Tessa in some parts of the book!The book makes people more aware of the consequences in breaking the law and taking risks in life.You'll want to read on and on and on. Your heart will race at the excitment and its almost like your whitnessing whats going on! Reading the book is ideal for when your board ,down, or fancy a book whilst having a cuppa. The books easy read and perfect for relaxing.

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