Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton

This book is all about growing up. Not the ‘when I was 6′ kind of growing up but the moving on from the 15 year old Star Trek: The Next Generation teen heart throb to the man he is today through a series of anecdotes and excerpts from his blog and additional writing.

There were a number of things I thought were really cool (this may suggest I’m also a geek but as a Librarian I reckon that’s part of the job description). The introduction by Neil Gaiman was cool. The section illustrations by John Kovalic (who illustrated the Munchkin card game that I love so much) were cool. Wil’s happiness with his inner and outer geek was cool. Wil’s obvious love for his wife and step-children was cool.

On top of that was the writing, which reads as if if you are chatting to a friend. I felt like I’d met up with an old friend again and caught up on what’s been happening. So engrossing was it I finished the whole thing in practically one sitting.

- Mrs. Wilson

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