Would You Rather by Chris Higgins

Would you rather is a book about a young teenage girl who is obsessed with playing a game called Would You Rather. The game is all about choices like e.g. daddy or chips? Which one would you choose? She enters a competition to see who can write the best review of a sports game. She ends up meeting a boy called Sam on the train and falls in love! Her Mum rushes her off the train and she thinks she will never see him again, but when her dad's long lost sister comes onto the scene she realises that Sam is her cousin she is gutted. Her prize for winning the competition is a trip to London and then to Italy, but on the way her pregnant sister gives birth at home and they decide to ditch the London/Italy trip and go and see the new baby boy called Albie. I would recommend this book because it is such an interesting book. I could not put this book down. Read it!

By – Randomer that is not telling you their name!

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