Vampire Kisses By Ellen Schreiber

Raven is a gothic school girl. She only has one friend.
Her family is nothing like her and neither is her one friend.
There is an abandoned mansion, which she sneaks into nothing.
But one day when she goes in and she finds a boy Alexander, they become friends then fall in love.
But, Alexander disappears and Raven will do anything to find him.
On her way to find him she meets Jagger, an evil vampire.
Also his sister Luna and brother Valentine try to kill Alexander.
What I particularly liked about this book was that Raven will do anything
To save her boyfriend.

By Bananas

Vampire Kisses is about a girl who moves to a new town that she thinks is boring then she sees a mansion and wants to see inside. When she is 16 the people that live in the mansion move out and new people move in. They are dark and mysterious and she likes that. She only has one friend but a boy named Trevor likes her and invites her to a party and takes her to the woods to kiss her but she doesn’t like it. Then she meets the boy that lives in the house and they fall in love.
I enjoyed this book because it is romantic and a horror and hope you read it to.

Reviewed by Princess P

For more information on the series have a look at Ellen Schreiber's site. Even better you can download a free Raven bookmark here

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