Vampirates: Black Heart by Justin Somper

The fourth installment of the Vampirates series, and my favourite. Filled with drama and action; it keeps me holding the book and not wanting to release it. Introduction to new characters, and my own favourite: Lady Lola Lockwood, a.k.a Black Heart. She brings such class to the story and an unexpected romance to the savage brute, Sidorio, the so-called King of the Vampirates.

I can’t believe how much adventures the twins, Conner and Grace Tempest, could appear in and how they were in such a story before they were even born. To meet their mother brings a small warm feeling in my body and such heartache when they find out her time is limited. The story is full of awesome plots and heroic actions. I highly recommend it to age 12+ and to those who love both vampires and pirates.

by Rainbow-Llama

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