Girl, Missing by Sophie Mckenzie.

My favorite book so far has been Girl, Missing by Sophie Mckenzie.

The book is about a girl called Lauren Matthews who is 14 and is looking for her birth parents because she was adopted when she was 3. When you read further on in the book you find out what happens or what the truth is because her adopted parents wont tell her anything about her past.

She wants to know more when her English teacher sets a homework task for the class. Their class homework was ‘Who am I’. When Lauren gets sidetracked and looks on a website that has missing children, she puts her name and age in the search engine (of the website). She then sees a picture of someone that looks like her and is posive that she is this girl.

She sets out to find this girl or to find out if she is this girl, her friend Jam and her mum and her brother go along with her but when she gets to the airport. Herself and Jam go to buy tickets for another plane.
I liked this because it is a mystry through out the book and when you read further on the book draws you in so you read more.

by Croaky2345

My favourite book is called Girl missing and the author is Sophie McKenzie!

The book is about a girl called Lauren she is 14 and she was adopted when she was three, it is the start of a new term and she has been asked by her English teacher to write an essay about herself but she gets sidetracked and looks on a missing children website. She types in her name and age, and finds a girl who went missing when she was three but the girls name is Martha Lauren, the girl would now be the same age as her.

She prints out the picture and the info of Martha and she hides it under her bed, she then asks her adoptive mum about her past her mum says that it was a closed adoption and she doesn’t know anything. She looks at Martha’s page every night until she had learned it off by heart, she is so sure it might be her but the is two reasons why it might not be 1: the girl’s name is Martha and 2: Martha is from America and she is from London!

Lauren decides to try and convince her family to go on a holiday to America to a theme park but she has a plan, her mum said she could take her friend Jam (James). When she gets to the airport she says to her mum she and Jam are going to get something to eat but instead they go and buy tickets to another part of America to find out what happened to this girl and if she might be her!

Lauren and Jam find out that it’s not so easy to find out about this girl, with people trying to kidnap and kill them and with her parents on her tail the whole time, with loads of twists and turns this story will keep you gripped the whole time!

I really liked this book because I couldn’t put it down the whole time and I really recommended this book to anyone.


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