Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I like the book because of the detail in it! It’s interesting …you feel, as if you’re in it being chased by vampires. Bella's boyfriend Edward was very good looking .He is a vampire in the story which is a good thing to be because he is one of the main characters. Bella is the proper main character. She is 17 years old and she moved in with her dad, went to the new school and saw a boy who only came to school once in a while. She really liked him. They started going out together and strange things started to happen. He would always sit beside her in science! He would stare at he in the hall and things started to heat up she fell in love with Edward but he didn’t feel the same way for quite a while. Then they were both in love with each other. Edward is a vampire and Bella is in danger .She can help herself though.
Read to find out what happens between them!

By Angus Sabastian!

We found the first twilight book very exciting . It is quite boring at first, but then it gets exciting halfway through . The author builds up the tension between the two main characters : Bella and Edward . The book is filled with drama ,suspense and thrill. We thought the most exciting part was when Bella gets bit in the wrist .

We think it’s a fantastic book and you should read it too.

By twopeoplethatdontwanttotellyouournames

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