Titanic 2020 by Colin Bateman

’Titanic 2020’, written by Colin Bateman, is an absolutely amazing book with mystery and adventure round every corner. It is about a boy called Jimmy Armstrong who sneaks on to the newly built Titanic looking for trouble. Unaware of the fact that the ship has left the dock he explores the boat and he meets a beautiful, spoilt, rich girl called Claire. At first they despise each other but after a while of being with each other, they fall in love. When almost the entire ship catches the deadly Red Plague, they have to struggle to survive together!

‘Titanic 2020’ is my all time favourite book as it is so exciting and gripping. When I finished a chapter I wanted to read more! It is almost impossible to put down as there were cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter. I would highly recommend this breathtaking novel to anyone! There is a second book called “Cannibal City” which I can’t wait to get and I’m sure it is as good as the first book , if not, better !
By Rolyat Dier.

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