A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown

A heart-warming, true story of a little girl that never was a abandoned by her real father but she thought her mum's knew hubby was her birth father. She just woke up one day and her mum was dead. So she has to live with her dad who didn’t last fairly long so at one point she went into foster and wasn’t allowed to have contact with any family. She was sexually abused at some foster homes and ran away from the rest.
She hitchhiked, became a prostitute, took drugs and drank and that got her no where in life and if you read you will find that out. Cupcake woke up one day, after one crack binge, behind a dumpster half-dressed and more than half-dead and at that point she knew she had to make a change or die.

I really enjoyed this book, I took interest in it and I found it very interesting. It is quite disturbing sometimes but it does explain the consequences in life and how cruel some people are. I would definitely recommend this book for people who prefer non-fiction books.    It’s The Number One Bestseller.

by Tinkerbell

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