Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore (CHERUB Series Book 3)

Jam packed with an exciting adventure, Maximum Security is definitely one of the best books I’ve read!

All about James Adams a parentless agent working for an organisation “Cherub” and going on loads of high profile missions.

This book keeps you interested throughout the whole reading and just makes you want to keep reading. This will appeal to a Teen and will make them want the whole series!

By Anon

James had done wrong again and is now being sent on a recruitment mission for CHERUB. That is until John Jones comes in to invite him another mission. James and Dave are being sent to be prisoners in Arizona Max. The Maximum Security guarded prison in Arizona. They are sent there to break out the son of the national black market dealer Jane Oxford wanted for weapons theft and black market dealing.
It is the third book in the series and the best so far. I think this book is amazing. It has excellent vocabulary and I think the story line is brilliant. My favourite part in the book is when Lauren is about to be murdered by Eugene and she quickly escapes from the murder by stabbing him with a pen.

By a person that you will never know…

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