The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

This book was awesome I really enjoyed it and I will read it again it’s about a seventeen year old girl named lennie she’s a band freak she normally lets her sister take the lead as she stays more In the shadows … Until her sister dies and all leenie can think about is falling in love with her dead sisters boyfriend she thinks there something rong with her as she should be feeling guilty for then love. When Joe comes along a new boy at her school she also falls in love with him so who will she pick …? :)
I suggest this book would be for people with more patience it’s quite long! It’s not one of them quick reads so if you just want a fast and easy book this ones not for you! This Author makes the story feel very believable it’s also a sad one but it has its happy moments.

By Alibowz =] enjoy!

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  1. Another thing I really loved was Lennie's writing. She writes her thoughts and poems on little scraps of paper and leaves them around town, she doesn't actually commit anything to a notebook. She lets her words loose into the world, and those words were powerful.