The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier

The silver sword sword is about a family of poles who are separated during the war.There are lots of different stories but it mainly revolves around the childrens' quest to get to Switzerland. On the way they meet Jan who has also met Joseph (their father) Jan is a thief although he dos not like to admit it. They also meet a variety of other characters on their journey such as Ivan the Russian sentry, Bistro the escaped monkey,Joe the Truck driver,Herr and Frau Wolff,Ludwig the dog and many more,but Jans love of animals sometimes lands him in trouble as the story spirals towards a twist ending .It will be a very long journey to Switzerland and the Nazis are always just one step behind them.

I thought the book was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone.

By Adam Blade

The silver sword is about a family who are from Poland. Joseph Balliki and Margaret Balliki lose their kids,Edek, Bronia and Ruth during the war. The story is mainly about the kids trying to find their way to Switzerland, and on the way the meet some other characters including Jan, Ivan and a monkey called Bistro. Jan is a thief but likes to call his stealing “borrowing” , Jan is also very good with animals, he has a pet cockerel named Jimpy.

I found the book very interesting , the book has many adventures through out it and the book got more exciting every week I read it.

By Dale Winton

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