The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier

This book is about the Baliki family who get split up because of the war. They meet a young boy called Jan who help them through their difficult times of the war. They are determined to find there parents and will never give up until they do. This book tells you about the adventures of the family as they travel through Poland in search of their parents.

I have read The Silver Sword twice and it has been one of the most boring times in my life. I would not recommend this book to anyone!

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This book is about a family the (Balikis) who are split up by the war. On the way the Baliki children meet a boy called Jan who causes a lot of bother and gets really attached to them, as he treats them like his own family. This story tells you about the adventures of the family travelling through Poland trying to get to Switzerland and the trials and tribulations they go through to get to their parents.

When I read The Silver Sword I found it very boring. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone! but it’s really your opinion.

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This book is about a family that is split up by the Second World War. The father, (Joseph Baliki), is told his children are dead. He sets off to find his wife, and gets some help on the way. The children try to find their parents and reunite the family once again. They also meet the same person, (Jan), for help and they return the favour by letting him into the family.

I thought this book was OK because it was tension building at some parts and dragged out at others. I would recommend this book if you are patient.

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