The Little Prisoner: how a childhood was stolen and a trust betrayed by Jane Elliott

What happens? It’s about a teenager that gets abused by her step dad sexually and physically.

What did you think of it and why? Well I thought that it was a good book but really sad I like reading Books like that to show how lucky I actually am. And that a should feel sorry for the people that have to live like that. People like that should tell someone and they will find that it will really help them .

When Jane’s mum goes out Richard goes up stairs into Jane’s room and sexually abuses her he makes her do really disgusting thing to him and he makes her do a lot of things she really doesn’t want to do it and if she struggles to get away from him makes her do it for longer and he He hits her kicks her punches her her and smashes her head against the wall.He makes her steel from her granddad because he knows that her granddad has a lot of things that they could sell and get money for and Janey isn’t the only one that Richard abuses … read the Book you will find out who else he abuses

By…. Jane Elliott

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