LGBT Month

There have been a number of teen suicides in the USA recently which have all been linked to the fact that these teens were reportedly bullied and harassed in part because of their sexual orientation. As a response to this the LGBT community have started a online campagin called 'It Gets Better'.

Included in the project is Chris Colfer from Glee:

The videos are great but I think my favourites was this one from a Seattle columnist Dan Savage and his husband:

Or this one from Heather in Toronto:

In it she quotes Winston Churchill - “If you are going through hell, keep going.” - she always felt this meant if you stopped you'd still be in hell but if you could just keep going something better was ahead.

It's important to remember it's not just the LGBT community but a whole pile of straight people who also don't care who you kiss (except as your friend).

If you want support, someone to talk to there are agency available in Scotland and West Lothian. Have a look at the LGBT Youth Scotland site, Stonewall's Youth Site or try the Young Scot website.

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