Girls in Love by Jacqueline Wilson

Girls in Love follow three teenage girls, Magda, Nadine and Ellie. Nadine finds a new boyfriend and Magda could get any boy she liked, so Ellie feels left out. She pretends that she has a boyfriend too. He is just a boy she met on holiday, he liked her but she did not like him. He is 2 years younger, so she does not describe him, she describes the perfect guy.

I love this book and recommend this to any person between the ages of 11-16. I am not the BIGGEST fan of books but I really enjoyed this book and could not put it down. I also read all the other books in the series. It’s a great way to make you realize that there are dangers in life, and that just because you don’t have a boyfriend it does not make you a different person. It makes you laugh, cry and think. Amazing book!!

By Rosycheeks x

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