Dragonball Z series by Akira Toriyama

Dragon ball z is about a man called Goku (who in the previous series was only about 11 at the start) has finally settled down into everyday life with his wife Chi-Chi and son Gohan. Life is going well for Goku until an alien called a Seyien comes from outer space and tells Goku that he is his brother. After defeating his brother Goku learns there are more powerful Seyiens coming and Goku’s adventures begin again. I liked the Dragonball Z series because every time one manga ended the author always left it on a cliff hanger so you felt you had to read the next one. It was also a bit far fetched (but then again most mangas are) and I also liked how all the characters could fly. The series is filled with adventure and lots of martial arts and beams of energy. I would reccomend this to people who like aliens and lots of martial arts action.

By Anon

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