A Child Called 'It' by Dave Pelzer

This book is about a boy who suffers abuse from his drunk and depressed mother. The mother who is miserable takes all her anger to David as she is having problems with her relationship with her husband. She thinks he is having an affair with another woman.

Before David turned 5 years old his mother was a loving, caring, and peaceful until one day she changed … she made him starve to death for 10 straight days, eat from a dog bowl, made him steal food from the shops and made him eat his own sick.

The story tells you all his plans to survive his mother’s game and take revenge. When his father decides to divorce her David lost hope of ever getting out the cruelty and pain.

His father was his only hope but as he just watched him eat his own sick, he did not trust his father anymore.
One day he told someone and they helped him to set him free from her. I like this book but really sad as it showed his emotions of a life with physical abuse every minute and living in a basement by himself while his brothers were eating his favourite meal.

By Monster munch:)

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