Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

‘Twilight’ is about a girl called Bella Swan who moves to live with her Dad in a small rainy town called Forks. She isn’t looking forward to it and it doesn’t help that when she gets there and starts school a boy called Edward Cullen is avoiding her and she doesn’t know why. The problem is Bella fancies him. Eventually they start going out and Bella finds out that Edward is a ....VAMPIRE!!!!

I really enjoyed ‘Twilight’ even though I don’t normally like books like it. I have read ‘New Moon’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘Breaking Dawn’ and ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ and think they are all amazing. I can’t pick between them but they are all my favourite book! Twilight is sad at some parts but really funny at others. I would definitely recommend reading them!

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